What is HbbTV Summit Poland?

HbbTV Summit Poland is the annual conference, organized in Warsaw, where people involved in the development of hybrid TV in Poland and in the world meet together.

There were two editions of HbbTV Summit Poland so far, during which TV applications available in HbbTV were presented and the hybrid TV market was discussed. HbbTV Summit Poland complements the series of TV Applications conferences that focus on Smart TV. These topics were divided into two separate conferences because of significant differences between HbbTV and Smart TV.

During HbbTV Summit Poland in Warsaw lectures were delivered by people who are responsible for development of HbbTV in the world, including Mr. Klaus Illgner — Chairman of HbbTV Consortium, and Mr. Régis Saint Girons from Httv.

Discussion panels on HbbTV and hybrid advertising were moderated by Paweł Tutka, who initiated the development of HbbTV hybrid TV in Poland and who was the consultant on the implementation of HbbTV in TVN and Polish Television. Paweł is actively involved in the development of HbbTV and interactive television in Poland.

The conference is dedicated to people from television and advertising industry, owners of video content, representatives of media houses, and journalists who specialise in topics related to television and advertising.

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HbbTV Summit Poland is a conference that focuses on hybrid TV and interactive TV advertising