HbbTV Summit Poland 2017 — Conference Agenda

We invite you to become familiar with the conference agenda for HbbTV Summit Poland 2017, which focuses on HbbTV and hybrid TV advertising. The conference will be held on 25th January 2017 in Marriott Hotel in Warsaw, Poland.

09:00 Registration and morning coffee
09:30 Introduction to HbbTV
Pawel Tutka
  • What is the HbbTV
  • Principle of operation
  • Availability of HbbTV in Poland
  • Interactive possibilities of television services in the HbbTV
  • Differences between the versions HbbTV
10:00 HbbTV in the world
Stefan Schneiders - IRT Institut für Rundfunktechnik
  • Availability of HbbTV in the world
  • Trends in the development of HbbTV applications in Europe
  • Directions in the development of the HbbTV standard
10:30 Effective monetization of HbbTV interactive advertisements
Petr Mazanec - Mautilus
10:50 HbbTV in Sony TVs
Paweł Kaczmarzyk - Sony
  • Availability of HbbTV in TVs manufactured by Sony
  • HbbTV in TVs with Android TV
  • Future new standard HbbTV 2.0.1
11:05 HbbTV in TCL
Marek Maciejewski - TCL
11:15 The new standard HbbTV 2.0.1 - Opera TV
Dominik Cięciara - Opera TV
  • What new opportunities will give us a new standard HbbTV 2.0.1
11:40 Coffee Break
12:10 Discussion panel: 5 years HbbTV in Poland and what next?
Moderator: Paweł Tutka

Panellists invited to discussion:
  • Paweł Kaczmarzyk (Sony)
  • Marek Maciejewski (TCL)
  • Jacek Terlicki (Jupiter Integration)
Topics of the discussion panel:
  • The current development of HbbTV in Poland
  • Barriers to the development and availability of hybrid TV in Poland
  • HbbTV in the MUX-8
  • Safety in HbbTV
  • Prospects for the development of HbbTV in Poland
14:00 Lunch break
15:00 HbbTV advertising in TVP channels
Ilona Wyrozumska (Advertising Office of TVP)
  • Overview of realized advertising campaigns HbbTV on TVP
  • Who is the recipient of hybrid TV in Poland
15:30 New trends in television HbbTV applications
Pawel Tutka (
  • How to personalize the message in advertising HbbTV?
  • Interaction with the audience in HbbTV
  • How to increase the involvement of the viewer in watching TV?
  • Recommendations TV and self-promotion in HbbTV
15:40 Discussion panel: Interactive advertising
Moderator: Paweł Tutka

Panellists invited to discussion:
  • Brygida Grölich (ARBG /
  • Adrian Wojtaszek (Advertising Office of TVP)
Topics of the discussion panel:
  • The future of advertising in the HbbTV
  • New forms of advertising HbbTV
  • How to create and develop the advertising market in HbbTV
  • Opportunities and threats for advertising HbbTV
  • How to increase and measure the involvement of the viewer in watching advertising HbbTV
16:30 The end of the conference

Information on HbbTV Summit Poland 2017

The fifth edition of HbbTV Summit Poland, which focuses on television and HbbTV hybrid advertising.
The opening of the conference: 25 January 2017 at 9:00 am
The duration of the conference: 07:30

The venue of the Conference:
Aleje Jerozolimskie 65/79

HbbTV Summit Poland is a conference that focuses on hybrid TV and interactive TV advertising